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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge travel time?
No, I don't charge travel time. However, if my travel time will be extensive we may need to work something out.

¿Hablas Español? (Do you speak Spanish?)
Sí, como no. Por supesto que si. (Yes, I am fluent in Spanish.)

Are you familiar with MLS?
Yes, I have helped many realtors work with MLS.

Do you design web pages?
Designing web pages is not my specialty, but I can help you troubleshoot your page if you are having problems ( or your server, or anything in between). I can also refer you to someone that specializes in creating professional-looking web sites. I am computer geek (not a graphic design nerd) thus I like very straightforward, quick loading, pages.

How did you decide on your rates ?
If you compare prices in the industry you will find that I am actually on the low end. Helping people with their computers is enjoyable for me and I would like to make it as affordable as possible for people. I have also found that I have a talent for solving problems faster than most- and that is worth a lot!

 *  I need a new computer, what should I buy?

There are a lot of package deals out there. All of the big names have deals that include lots of software and often a monitor. It all depends on what you need. The best place to start is by making a list of ways you will be using the computer. Make a list of all of the software that you intend to run. Most software will list the ideal computing hardware. Some deals are not as good as they seem, or you may be paying extra for features you will never use. Make the assessment and ask any questions you have. Send me an email if you think you have found the deal of a century and want an extra opinion.

 *  I would like to upgrade my computer. Is it worth using the old parts?

If your computer is 2 or more years old, it is probably not worth upgrading and it will end up being cheaper to just start over. I would be happy to look at your machine and upgrade what you have, or help you get the best system for your money.

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