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Windows- I am proficient with Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP home and professional. (Also DOS and all earlier Windows versions.)

Linux- on servers and desktops. Specifically Debian, RedHat, Suse, Mandrake.

FreeBSD- on x86, SPARC, and DEC Alpha.

Networks- designing, maintaining, building and troubleshooting all aspects of home, small business, and enterprise networks, including wireless solutions.

Hardware- is a particular specialty of mine. I believe in saving what you can of a computer and adding to it instead of starting over completely. (Sometimes machines are just too old to make saving them cost effective.) If a piece of hardware fails, I am excellent at detecting which part it is, and finding the most cost effective solution. I enjoy strange hardware, so chances are I am familiar with your hardware.

Troubleshooting- whether your email is acting up, you have installed spyware, got a virus, or don't know why your machine isn't doing what you want, I am excellent at tracking down a solution.

Security- whether you have a complex network, or just one machine, you need to protect them from anything that can cost you down time and money. I can set up security measures for you, create a security plan to meet your particular needs, and evaluate how secure your current system and plan for mainting it is.

DSL, Cable- I can recommend solutions, troubleshoot, install, and help you maximize your use of highspeed internet solutions.



 *  Unusual Requests/Problems:
- There are plenty of interesting problems and situations that I haven't come across. That has never stopped me. Chances are I can figure it out and solve your problem. Since it may be my first time, I can do it for a less too!
 *  Media:
Making CD and DVD backups of media can save you a lot of headaches and loss. Don't hand the original game CD over to your kids and replace it in a month when it is too scratched to use. I can make copies for the protection of your investments as well as helping you move and save files you need to save that you no longer need on your system.



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